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We offer training and consultation in trauma responsive practices to school districts, public and private schools, childcare centers, Head Start programs, churches, child welfare agencies, therapists and other community agencies that support children from hard places.  Our training is tailored to the needs of the targeted audience and specific to the context in which children are served. 


Six times a year Connected Kids offers a 1 ½ hour “brown bag” training at lunch time for school administrators around the state.  Lunch ‘n Learns are free of charge ad are offered in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.  A variety of topics are addressed related to trauma responsive education. (Currently suspended due to COVID)


Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma is a two-day, twelve-hour introduction to trauma responsive practices.  It is offered for grade level specific audiences:  early childhood, elementary and secondary teachers and staff.   It addresses the impact that trauma has on brain development and the attachment, regulatory, sensory processing, social and cognitive systems.  Participants will learn practical strategies to create healing environments.


The Connected Kids Fellowship is a year-long experience that takes an in-depth look at trauma responsive practices and gives opportunity for educators to explore and research topics of personal interest.  Attendees participate in a “cohort” of three people from a particular elementary school that includes an administrator and two teachers.  The Fellowship includes the following experiences:

  • Introductory 4 ½ day training that takes a deep dive into trauma responsive practices;

  • 2 days of follow-up training during the school year;

  • Monthly webinars/access to specific training materials;

  • Site visits to each school and classroom represented;

  • One-on-one consultation on trauma responsive practice;

  • Support with planning and implementation of a teacher action research plan;

  • Brain maps of twenty-five tier three children from each site and consultation regarding the implications thereof. 

Learn more about our Fellowship


Customized legal training for attorneys, judges and professionals involved in legal proceedings affecting permanency placements and best interest practices for children are trained in sessions discussing issues of:

  • Understanding of parent-child attachment relationships

  • Components of secure attachments

  • Assessing developmental status

  • Interactions that create best interests of children

  • Assessing family functioning-strengths and risk factors

  • Understanding impacts of trauma

  • ACE’s and protective factors

  • Policy decisions affecting best interests

  • ICWA standards and active efforts

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Contracts and due diligence


Legal issues are examined from the lens of development and attachment, as well as how trauma history affects standards of harm and best interest.


Connected Kids has developed a series of online courses for teachers, administrators, counselors, and other professionals that qualify for Professional Development and certified CEUs by the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Social Workers. 

Participants will receive a signed certificate with name of course and clock hours for their appropriate Board upon completion. Classes can be taken through a desktop of through the Teachable app from a phone or tablet at the participant's own pace and convenience. 

For help with logistics regarding School District or organization participation, please contact us. 

Learn more about our Online Courses

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