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Educating and supporting teachers, caregivers, parents, guardians and advocates who live and work with children affected by all forms of trauma.


To prevent maltreatment of children by shifting the culture to one that is committed to the understanding and well-being of all children.


We value all people.  We aspire to care for others as God would have us; we are trustworthy, authentic, respectful in our dealings with others; we value transparency in our relationships and strive to work with integrity in all matters


We value family.  We believe the entire family should be included in matters surrounding the teaching and care of any child; the emotional health and well-being of children begins in the home and the training to care for that child starts with the parents.


We value researched based practices.  We embrace life long learning, and continually seek evidence to support or alter our philosophies and training; we actively pursue research and knowledge; our practices reflect continued education with a dynamic, ongoing and evolving methodology. 


We value stewardship.  We value our partners’, supporters’ and clients’ financial investment and work to create value for them; we make decisions with the financial health of the organization in mind; our spending and saving will reflect best practices and are transparent and open to the counsel of our board.

“Thank you to Dr. Sorrels for her Trauma-Informed Care training sessions for our Early Childhood Educators. I feel lucky to have been able to send my Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade teams to the various sessions.


“A Deeper Look at Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Students Who Have Experience Trauma,” and “Using Bibliotherapy,” offered research-based and immediately applicable strategies that we will be applying across our school this year. Dr. Sorrels again proved to be a national expert on this vital topic, and I am so grateful we have had access to her insight.


I truly believe that effectively and appropriately addressing the needs of our students who have experienced trauma is the only way that we will be able to see the gains in achievement that we are striving for.  I am hopeful that we can continue to partner in the future to offer additional trainings to an even broader range of ACPS staff members.”


Seth Kennard, Principal
Charles Barrett Elementary School
Alexandria, VA


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