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I am an Early Childhood educator in Newfoundland and I had to contact this organization because Dr. Barbara Sorrels has completely restored my passion for working in this field. I know its small but holy heck am I ever inspired and have found my fire once again. As I am sure you all know, this field is hard, exhausting and full of people who don't want to be here for the numerous reasons we all know and love like low wages and lack of respect and that can weigh on a person after a while. Watching these webinars this evening has reminded me why I love this job in the first place... figuring out why children do what they do and helping. I am working on my degree at Ryerson University in Early Childhood Development and if I am being honest have been dragging my heels and really wondering if I want to finish but learning about the work you are doing has reignited my fire and I hope to some day be a part of the wonderful work you are doing in the world.

Much love,

Still wiping the tears from all the wisdom from
Dr. Barbara Sorrels:

"To not be wanted is toxic to the soul. Kid's need someone to believe in their goodness."

- Jen Hatmaker, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

“I help parents and teachers understand the basic principles of child development by 'looking under the hood' to see what makes kids tick."

Dr. Barbara Sorrels

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