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Summer - Age Specific 2 Day Trainings


2 Day Training

Increasing numbers of children in our country are exposed to various forms of maltreatment and trauma including physical and emotional neglect and abuse, sexual abuse, divorce and abandonment. These children are often identified as having special needs and most eventually receive the diagnosis of at least one of the following: ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiant, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder or depression.

It has been generally assumed that only those with advanced education and clinical skills can help traumatized children, but there is increasing evidence that teachers are a critical part of the process of healing. (Bath, 2008). Dr. Bruce Perry, a leading expert in trauma, recognizes that it is the ongoing, daily interactions with loving, emotionally responsive and caring adults that bring about healing.



Early Childhood - Elementary School teachers, principals, school counselors & early childhood professionals


PreK - Kindergarten (Early Childhood)

June 29-30, 2020

1st - 2nd Grade

July 15-16, 2020

3rd - 6th Grade

July 22-23, 2020


Legacy Plaza

5330 East 31st Street

Tulsa, OK 74135

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 7.12.10 PM.png

Workshops include the following: 

  • A copy of the Academic Choice Award Winning Book: Reaching & Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma

  • A notebook with practical ideas and procedures for assimilating into best classroom practices

  • 14 hours of training

Space is limited, so you must register to attend.
Lunch & snacks will be provided each day.

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